Why the IT industry values Colorado Springs:

    > Attractive Incentives:
  • Property Tax Rebate
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credit
  • Employment Grants
  • Employee Training Grants
  • Private Incentives
   > Ideally Situated:
  • Near Geographic center of the US
  • Get to & from Colorado Springs with ease
  • Convenient Flight Schedules
   > Proven and mature data center market, including
      HP, FedEx, Progressive Insurance, and Verizon

   > Not exposed to either natural (tornados, hurricanes,
      earthquakes) or man-made risks

   > Removed from potential terrorist targets (political,
      military, historical or high profile)

   > Cool, dry environment is favorable for free cooling –
      estimated 7,000+ hours/year

   > Competitive utility rates – 39% below national

   > Utility infrastructure is protected, underground, and
      reliable – 99.991% availability

   > High capacity (100+ MW) and scalable utility

   > Colorado Springs Utilities ranked nationally (3rd) in
      customer service

Vineyard LLC, the City of Colorado Springs, the University of Colorado, the Economic Development Council, Colorado Springs Utilities, and the State of Colorado have come together to present the Vineyard Data Center Park, a sustainable and master planned development. The story of this project is about the mutual benefits resulting from multiple parties in a public-private partnership.

Fiber will be delivered to the data center via two (2) redundant and diverse outside plant entry points to building foot print locations on east property (or into Meet-Me-Rooms).
  • Each Communication duct bank will have 6 concrete-encased 4 inch trade-size PVC (schedule #40) conduits.
  • 4 of 6 conduits will contain two (2) 4-cell Maxcell fabric innerduct from the carrier manholes to the Meet Me Room.
  • Provisioning will provide for adequate access for 34 paths per manhole/vault.
  • There will be access 102 S. Tejon Street with dual path / multiple strands dark fiber.